Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love is Orange

It's dull....

Life, is just pure dull. One thing happened and it affect the future. Things go your way in a very peculiar manner. It's like as if moments and time have a personality of their own and they have their moods. If they're happy, they will grant you your planned out time and if not, they will mess with you.


I realised things don't really changed after 2 years. Looking back at the past, it seemed like 10 years or my previous life. It was like watching a TV replaying a scene from a drama. My life was never exciting or entertaining. There was no danger, no story and no thrill, it's dull and blunt. I would come to last if my life were to compete with all the people in the world. So be it....



Yeah! Great movie collaborating all the turtles cartoons and series! It was so freakin awesome! I wish there were more movies like this.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can't remember

Woah! 14 days already and not a single entry~

Man i missed doing this red font bolded starting statements! Won't blogged about past days coz i can barely remember.


Let's see what i've done;

- Flash and more flash

I borrowed like 2 thick books of flash filled with actionscript. Man AS (actionscript is tough). There are about 5000+ errors and you can get the same kind of error over and over again. If you compare with a broom, the only errors you can get is sweeping the wrong direction and using the back of the broom unless your broom has two heads at both ends. AS can really make you pull your hair out. Errors just keep piling on and its not easy figuring out what you have done wrong.


What it means? I don't know either, but you can borrow a tablet and scanned in A2 and size below paper. It's an awesome room isolated with darkness and perfect for working on your projects. Its not open for everyone though.


Nothing major happened really. I didn't go to some events coz of early wake up hours would really isn't not my pleasure of doing it. So far there's nothing planned for this month (doesn't matter, its going to end anyway). Did i mentioned that there were some events that they didn't inform me about? I forgot what they were though. Must be dreaming.

- Books

The books i rammaged during Project Toshokan had arrived. Not all of them though. I realised some books i picked were M18. They didn't brought in the Monster Hunter CG book i picked. The nerved of those guys! Don't they know MH is the emperor of all hunting games? Hmmph!

- School

Pretty bad actually. I got deadlines coming in and i'm doing nothing. Super!

- Relationship

My friends rocks! Oh you mean as in BGR? Nothing........... yet!

- Hari Raya Haji

Went to celebrate at my aunts house. Nice to see my cousins again and tcss in a room and laughing away with no conscious and regards to those around. My aunt's belly got bigger and bigger. Should be around a month before it's time.

- Games

Finally installed Sims 3 World Advntures! So so fun! Hah! Loving it! But i wished they would include more iventory in Buy Mode. There's not much new items. The mummy gave me a shock though. I was practically telling my Sims to run, afraid she would die from mummy's attack! Haha!


It's almost December which means i'm behind time and progressively getting worse and worse. Somebody slap me and wake me up to do my work please!

Ps. Must be a girl. Guy slap guy is gay.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Lesson #1

Lesson of the day:

Always save your game when you have done something major and one giant leap for you family in Sims 3


Argh! I just collected some rare stones and suddenly my laptop shut down by itself!! That's it! I'm getting Windows 7 installed by December! Bye XP


I haven't touched any Pop'n Music , IIDX and DMGF for this two weeks!! Arhg! I'm gonna lost my skills and gradually degenerate into a plasticine!! Must... at... least... play.... once..... Damn i don't have the time and money o_o

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 days worth

Can you believe it? I'm contemplating a righteous suicide!

Nah of course it's not real! Haven't blogged for 3 days coz:

1) When i got home, i completely flopped
2) Too busy playing the Sims 3
3) Same as number 2

So.... Summary summary summary:


Tuesday 10:

It was SPJCC 3rd anniversary! So an eat-out at Ramen Ten was planned. Turned out was quite large. The train got problem though so 4 people cannot tahan and left on their own. It was just dinner, nothing to be stressed about. The train journey was like surviving a hoard of zombie outbreak.

It's good thing we reserved the place or else have to fight it out with other customers. Had sushi sushi sushi all the way! So cheap! 99 cents only! But its only for white plate which wasn't very good. So we only spammed the good stuff. Hur~

Is it traffic light? Is it a plane? No! It's Roe Rangers!

Unagi fest! Hungry?


Wednesday 11:

Daiko! But ended terribly early so quite boring. Well at least can officially spin the bachi without under the impression of showing off. Just spinning the bachi actually drain your energy! A lot of people have problem spinning with left hand. Same here, except that i frequently used both hands in my daily activites.

Then since we were bored, went out with HL and WJ to Causeway to eat and play arcade! DDRX in Timezone sucks to the max! 2nd player key pad is badly maintaned. Oh and played DJ Max Technika where all of us tried. Keep spamming Oblivion coz its so nice and easy. Can't passed Blythe! Too fast!


Thursday 11:

Normal lesson as usual. Lecturer introduced us to this extreme boardgame called Space Hulk. It's so complex i don't even want to read the whole manual! But it's quite fun though. Have to rack your brain and the whole set cost 180 bucks!


I FOUND HER!!! OMG i can't believe she's got FB! I thought i lost all contact with her then FB came and shine me a small glimmer of contact! Haha! Thanks FB and my random unexplainable phenomena of searching =D

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ah yes! Blogging! Busy busy busy~

Nothing interesting has been happening in my life lately. Friday was Daiko training but somehow i was not very hyper... I don't know, it feels like i'm deprived of my hyper source which is sugar level... Actually, i did lack my sugar level! So it was a boring boring boring day. One thing for sure though, might finished the song next and start learning the second verse which is another song but is considered the second part. It's like meatball and spaggheti.

Anyway. Satuday worked and Sunday worked. It was my beloved manager's last day. Oh my how she cried reminiscing the first 3 months she worked at the outlet because of the unfamiliar faces, freakin huge outlet and a bad mofo restaurant manager. As time pass by, she started to treat everyone like family. I think she mostly miss the previous generation staffs who were freakin insane and hilarious. They make the place like its a circus and don't give a damn to customer's ridiculous spoonfeeding and relentless BS. Yeah, i missed them too.


Come to think of it, the first work i ever joined was my family pasar malam stall. I was just there to help. It didn't last though. Only been up for about half-a-year until Hari Raya.

The seconds job i had was at McDonalds. I was a clueless staff always kena saikang by everyone especially this -insert race here- girl who can speak 4 languages and think she's very wonderous when in fact, she's actually pretty snobbish and sad.

My 3rd job was at a factory, Motorola factory. We made phones! Hundreds of phones! Thousands of phones! Different types of phones! I was stationed to a very old machine, one of the 2nd to 3rd generation model. It had technical problem everytime! So i always have to tell the technician and get extra time off either by goofing around or helping other sections. Just after 2 months, i was already the line leader, the only one who knows how to run the whole operation starting from the mold vacuum machine to the heater. Man i rocks! Even the operation manager said its such a waste that i had to quit.

My 4th job is this current one, working at Seoul Garden (I don't know why F&B always pull me in). I was looking for a job after 3 months of unemployed. Knife said there are opening in the outlet. So i figured why not. After 1 year and 6 months, here i am, still stuck as a trainee which mysteriously doesn't bother me.

Come to think of it, for me to have many job experience, i must be one of a kind! Hah! You people should be lucky to have such rare friend like me!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shag it!

Check out my horse!

Again, no link. Well it was World's Day today where all the countries collide in SP. All the countries collide, hmmmm... I like that! I also like sharks with laser beams attached on their head. World's day was interesting. Too bad it was all Asia country (I'm not racist, i'm asian myself). I wish i had prarticipated in the trivia with Daniels. He's pretty good, almost got all the question right. We would have won 125 bucks if won first place, 60 bucks for 2nd place and 30 bucks for 3rd place, so its a win-win situation.

Slack at clubroom until 9pm. Ohh and Austin Powers is so random lah haha! Love the accent!


Today's Hui Xian's birthday! Can't celebrate coz i got Daiko. Oh well, bring her to zoo next time!
Haha! And yes i'm serious.. or maybe not.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Yesterday, at around 10am, there was a noise... a noise so unpleasant that it derived me from my beauty afternoon sleep. It took me another 30 minutes to finally doze off when the sound died down in which i went into my room. At 1pm, the freakin noise came back! The noise was so freakin unbearable and all i wanted was to sleep!! I was awake the whole time trying to go back to sleep until 2pm which i gave up. The noise went on until 3pm+ it ended. Like finally...

You know what the noise was? Renovation of the neighbor upstairs directly below my ceiling. Drilling, hammering, etc. it was so freakin annoying. And you know what?.... THIS MORNING IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!

Right at 10am it started again! DAMN IT! Luckily i got school at 12pm or else i would have thrown 10 bomb bags at them at the same time and i don't care who get hurts.


I got a haircut! Hah! Feel so smooth...

Sunday, November 1, 2009



Been away for so long! I'm sorry i left you blogger! *Hugs* Now then....


Friday 30:

Daiko training! I take back what i said! I love you Yoshino pattern 3! You are so fun but yet complicated, you make me feel like i'm on fire! Yeah! It feels like we both can talk to each other without uttering a word! I played you so much that my legs gave out and it hurts till now! Oh babt baby baby....

Ahem! That aside, yes it was Daiko training. I missed the JCC sub-committee 2nd phase interview cum social-ing session. I turned up the very last minute and lo and behold, it was a big number. I think only 1/4 who turned up was the one i nominated. I'm quite strict. Nope, not gonna tell.

I didn't know YL had a bf. Kinda a surprised coz she's more like the single type and never shown a sign that she's in a relationship. Pro! I came to this conclusion after i saw her with a guy at a bus stop.


Saturday 31:

It was Daiko AGM also known as Annual General Meeting. Basically, its just the year 3 passing down their role to the younger generation and stepping down. So its just a meal first before speech.

Went Swensens first but i did'nt eat anything coz i don't have enough to last the day if i eat. I didn't know they will subsidies 5 bucks! Or else i will surely eat. I was freakin hungry. Oh well, at least get to share ice-cream.

Went to Party World after that, said it was 11 bucks but turned out 20 bucks! My freakin holy poop! Club subsidies 10 bucks so i borrowed 10 bucks from Wei Jie 10 bucks first and then re-compensate the amount in full later. Had fun but only about 1/6 of the total time. Mostly they sing Chinese songs. I was unfimiliar, more like in a foreign environment. Had fun singing song with Wei Jie though.

Why CY never come?!!


Sunday 1 Nov:

Worked! At least get to chat with my spontaneous buddy, Knife. We gossip all kind of shit. Freakin yeah! Suresh didn't work that day! Was so happy until Brenda be all bitchy. Bitch be trippin balls! I swear she's turning into Suresh's wife.


Full combo Adolescene - Pinku ex in Pop'n Music! But e-amuse was off so it didn't saved. Took a picture though. Oh and Lamento - Shizuku ex, only the first 40 seconds was manageble, the rest was a total thunderstorm. Good practice though.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Updates dude!!

Saturday 24:

It was Gakuensai, in your case; some Japanese theme event at RP. Ok i would like to say, the event was actually fail, even my cousin who was one of the organiser admit. BUT i did have fun there.

In the morning went with JCC members. It soooo good to go somewhere without riding the MRT. We went too early so there's nothing to see. But we did kapo 2 big prizes from the game stand. Went Causeway Point and eat at banquet there. Emmie was so quiet, its almost like she's a calm ocean, just staring at the sky...

I went back after we all parted. See more familiar SGCafe faces there. There were 2 Malay kids who, i don't know, got nothing better to do other than waiting for their sister to finish studying. They wanted to go to the haunted house but was too scared. So i accompany them and suddenly i became like a fatherly figure. My friends said i make a good dad, they said those kids were so happy. Karaoke-ed there for a while before i went back with Teddy, Tohru, Piesces and Khai2 where Piesces left and we gossip about the people in SGCafe. Man i missed talking with Tohru, and Teddy is evil.

The president of JCIG was pretty~


Monday 26:

I started working again. There are new staff there. There was a deaf and his brother and there's 2 new Malay dudes. I still want to smack Sures though. Bitchy guy.

Oh there's company chalet next week must its not free. So screw that! Not going.


Wednesday 28:

It's that book picking day! I skipped GEMS coz:

1) I'm late
2) I don't think i can convince my lecturer to let me go
3) I like books more

So i pick various books ranging from fiction to facts. I picked comics the most, not manga. I don't know why, but i like comics more. Ah!! I wanted to read Sherman's Lagoon new book sooo much! It's gonna take 2-3 weeks to process the whole thing. After that is done, the first thing i'm gonna do is read the 2 new volumes of Sherman's Lagoon. Then i'm gonna move on to Walking of the Dead. It's zombie comic i think, i don't know, i didn't check.

Sure enjoyed myself there although i would like to have that person's company.


Cleared a lot of songs with AA ranking in IIDX! I think i improved a lot. However i'm still far from normal clearing level 10. Level 10 and level 9 has that big difference.I can only A at best for level 10.

Oh finally full combo-ed Continental ex for Pop'n Music ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

All the smallest things

Say it ain't so, i will not go, turn lights off, carry me home!

Nothing related to that actually. Well i finished re-watching Nodame Cantabile specials and i relised, no more Sakura! Why?!! I hope she appear in the movie...

Watched Maison Ikkoku. It's a very interesting drama. It's one shot drama and there's only 2 episodes compromising of 2 hours long each. It was based on the manga and anime. Love the 3 neighbors! They are suck a jerk, especially the mother neighbor, Ichinose Hanae. She reminds me of myself! Haha! Oh and the old man was so cool! His background is just so mysterious. I realised the very adorable Ai Maeda also had a role in that drama!

I heard Gackt came to Singapore yesterday. Heard news that fangirls went ga-ga over him. Although Singapore girls have no chance of seeing Gackt up close, just standing the same floor with him is already like ecstasy. I'm not a fan of Gackt. I am a fan of some artist but not to the extent of going fanboy/girl mode. I'm cool and calm.


Ahhhh!! I can't get full combo on Continential ex! I always get 1 bad everytime and its getting frusfrating. Even playing Ninte hyper wasn't fun D:

Oh right, Sorrows from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY has been included in Beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS! OMG OMG OMG! It looks freaking hard for a level 10! Oh did i mentioned SIRIUS was out already in Japan?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr Loba-loba

GEMS -Giving Everyone More Studies

Gems today! I'm glad there are more girls than guys. Actually its about equal, but definitely more girls than guys. Got some pretty pretty, some sexy, but none to my liking. Oh and a bunch of frisbee club members all joined the same GEMS. My GEMS is intruded by them and most noise also originated from them.

What's so special about my course anyway? It's nothing to be awed or hands up against. It's just a normal old boring course. I think its because the word 'game' is there. That word is so overrated.

Finished watching Nodame Canatabile. Its so so so much more romantic and moving than the anime! Ahhhh!! I want more Saeko goodness! Why can't the director give her more air time?! Its so not fair for her! She deserved more action and romance. I want to see more of her character development. But most all, i can't wait for the movie to come out!

Poster de arimasu~~


Daiko practice was quite boring today. Maybe its because the usual people who i always shoot never came.... Oh ya, first time see Pei Lin's hair tied up. They say she got do before, but no leh! I never see before. Don't force me yo!

Monday, October 19, 2009


"Fluffy-fluffy bed. Fluffy-fluffypillow"

Hah! I got addicted to Nodame Cantabile Live Action. The drama is so so much funnier and nicer than the anime counterpart. I'm 3/4 done downloading all the episodes including the special episodes which they went to Paris. I already watched the special episodes but it couldn't hurt to watch it again.

The performances, even if its a drama -(what's the word?)- me you know. The orchestra, with the colorful and non-mediocore style really inspire me to create a new song for Daiko and how we're gonna present it in a new way which will blow the audience away! Hah! Even my sister got addicted to it after watching just one episode.

Oh and i've fallen for her

She's cute right?! (#w#) Saeko as Saku Sakura
I don't know how to say this but she just gave this kind of very cute charm. The very innocent kind of character with a touch of naiveness and desperation. Oh did i mentioned her voice sounds like an anime character? When she talks, scream and cry, she sounds very... i don't know, some may say irritating but to me its incredibly cute! Hah! I think i'm gonna start watching other drama she is in next just to see her =D

Actually i decided to watch Nodame Cantabile after i was chatting with Wanling about it. Oh and big news this December people;



Monday there was no school! How does Monday blues feels my friends?! Haha!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I fly like paper get high like plane (No link)

Drum of Happinesu~~

Yup! Today Daiko performance at NUS Japanese Cultural Night. Hah! Somehow i wasn't nervous at all. I was more like, "You b****** better don't blink when we play!". Of course that was just an understatement coz i honestly believed it was quite a train-wrecked. However, overall i think we did O.K, not bad for first performance in front of mass audience with guest of honors and Japanese sensei watching.

YL did a mistake. On the second set, she played pattern 1 instead of pattern 3. It got me confusing! I thought i played wrong. Then i looked at Emily and assured i was correct. Heh, i guess everyone do get hibby-jibby on stage and during performance. Rehearsal and actual performance are 2 different entity. You get all kinds of unnecessary emotions and reactions that it makes your body do something different in actual performance. I'm not saying i'm perfect, i did some mistakes as well:

1) I lost my balance
2) Pattern 3 lag, coz i forgot to count
3) My bachi almost slipped from my hand
4) I was hungry

Soran Boshi was absolute fun! Have to learn that dance and put it into annual concert and make everyone shout the chorus. If not then i'll have to shoot them for making me paiseh.

So after that, took pictures with JCC peeps then run to Daiko peeps to take picture also. Man i'm so famous that the Daiko peeps asked me how come everyone knows me =D

Hoh! It's rare that FL went back together with us. I thought she got routine already when going home? It's weird when she's there coz when i see her its like, "Eh? Why are you here?". Man i ate BK again for the second time for the same month. It's supposed to be a monthly treat. I can't get enough of the onion rings!. Mmmmm....


She was looking pretty today. It's rare to see her in a dress. Did not talk to her coz i don't know how to initiate the conversation. Somemore i very paiseh already after performance. Aish....

All line up dudes! I'm in centre again! I rocks! Waiting for Hui Li to upload the epic one =3

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sizzler Partay!! Well not really....

It was more like a random grilling session with a lot of non-halal product. So i didn't get to eat much except for awesome salmon and mushroom. Johnny, the officer for the club came down to serve and introduced his specialty sauce and toast. It was O.K i guess if it weren't for the chaotah and hard part of the bread drowning the taste. I can't it the meat though so they made me a vegetarian one! 8D

I think only half of the people turned up. Which means more food for them (not me, i'm on a halal diet). Everyone was so mean, teasing Jia Ying about her weight and her relationship with a certain animal. Alexia was epic, she talking about boobs in front of us, comparing and commenting on other people's one! Haha!

There was a DMIT camp also at night. They were having last day campfire much like uniform group. It reminds me of my NPCC days during camp. How crazy and tiring it was during the campfire. Missed those days. Come to think of it, my camp in secondary school has always been rough and rugged, nothing that is relaxing! Man i rocks! No wonder i'm tough~

Still hungry...


Man i love this song!
Barking at the Moon - Lewis

Movie screening lataaaar!!

On a random note...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I hate Yoshino D=

Daiko training today

I woke up late, but manage to come to school just in time for badminton! I kicked ass, baby!!

Anyway, like usual, practising DOH kinda gets too boring but since i'm not perfect, playing it again and again trying to be as perfect and loud as possible, just makes it different experience.

Learned new song today, it's called Yoshino (Not to be confused with Yoshinoya). Pattern 1 and 2 was simple as pie, even the i-can't-do-it-unless-i-do-it-100-times-then-i-can-get-it-right can quickly learn it. The most complex one was pattern 3. It's super confusing. I especially hate the leg part. I always get stuck halfway, i almost throwed my machi to the ground. FL and YL kept encouraging me. Awww... so touched! Haha! Come to think of it, i've never encouraged anyone before, all i did was be an asshole. Maybe i should try switching... Hmmmm....

Oh well, have to practice pattern 3 a lot until i get it right and could do it successfully, consecutively 100 times.


Yeah Daiko is fun. I love Daiko and i don't deny it. But i do dislike the outing. Whenever there's Daiko outing, it turned into a Chinese Language Society. I'm sick of not being able to understand so maybe that's why i'm always emo-ing? Harrrumph!

Oh yeah it was pink day too. I brought pink t-shirt but i didn't wear coz my jacket was much more 'hotter' =D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Wow blogger have been screwed up for these past weeks. Layout like what! Buttons like what! I swear its like a run-down HDB flat.

Anyway, i went to celebrate Yen Hsien AKA Dajie's birthday today. Supposed to go for Daiko training but i woke up late so i had to go to her birthfay celebration as a replacement (Doesn't make sense right?) Went to Swensens because there's a promotion for the dessert and ice-cream buffet, 1 for 1, one people pay the other one gets free. So 1 people pay $10 for it.

17 people went. 1/3 was from other class and its the usual party-hardy bunch. They just came back from Korea 2-3 days ago. They couldn't stop speaking in Korean. During the lunch, they kept re-telling the moments in Korea. It was fun to listen and funny too. They even brought their camera with their Korea trip pictures inside.

The dinner buffet was only for sweet-tooth people and i must say, people will get easily spoiled with it. There was pies, waffles and anything that can be related to ice-cream. I can't believe i can only ate 2 plates of pies and ice-cream! My stomach must be shrinking.

Separate ways after the lunch. Some of us went to see games and figurines and Dhoby Ghaut where Dom was waiting. Played IIDX and Drummania. They went to have dinner which i didn't because there was nothing that appeals to me and went home.


I was quite envious that they went to Korea. Must be fun to be able to travel and experience. The only places i have been to furthest from SG is Melaka in Malaysia.

Cleared Tetsukou Shoujou -under the steel- (Another) in normal mod! V(^^)
Still failed 3Y3s though.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I went to watch the movie '9' just now. But before that, i went to school for informal committee meeting. Actually i planned to go to school at around 1PM but i overslept because of lack of sleep from Tuesday's Daiko training. It was torturous not being able to drink water after you run, jump, beat and all kind of shit and you can only watched other people eat. However, during break fast, the first bite was so damn delicious. Even plain water taste like golden water (Or whatever).

So in the end i met Luqman, Sheng Yang and Hui Li at FC5 along with Unker Jit and Alan. They were in trial of making sushi which i heard, failed at the first attempt until Tiffany came along and taught him the expected proper way and end product. Hui Ning, Sarah and Ryan came later just to kope the sushi. Went to clubroom to make Hui Ning and Hui Jin the yo-yo balloon like the one you see at Japanese festival. Hui Ning accidentally let go of the balloon and screwed the whole clubroom with water. It was a nice moment and i smiled for 5 minutes. Left with Ryan, Unker Jit and Sarah to meet the others to watch movie and have dinner at Bugis.

Met them at Bugis. Quite a big group. I was surprised Zhen Ting and Nigel came along since they're not the sort of going with group type. Nigel told me he came along because of Cirno day. There are 2 faces i don't recognised. One is called ermm... I forgot, and the other one is Jamie. People said she's a bitch, but to me she's more like a XMM from what Unker Jit described of what she did. Then i conclude she's a XMM but no, he said she's not a XMM but yet she's a sort of XMM. Yeah i don't get it either. Me, Haizul, Mos and Nigel ordered McDonald and ate at Mos Burger (You heard me right). We TCSS-ing about Hari Raya and stuff. Go Iluma's arcade and played IIDX with Mos. They said i bullied Mos with high level songs.

I thought the movie starts at 9.15PM but it was 9.50PM. I rushed for nothing. Since i got time, i went to smuggle some snacks from Cold Storage. We got in and watched the movie. '9' is quite a nice movie, got action scene a lot but it lacks information and climax. 7 was awesome! She's like the female version of Prince of Persia. In the end, it was a sad but yet happy ending... They could'nt finished their popcorn, what a waste. I myself could finished a whole large bag and someone brought HL milk, big one.

We thought the last train to Jurong East has departed. Luckily it hasn't so Nigel and me managed to ride home.


So yes, i don't freaking care who read this. When i shoot, i shoot. I don't care who or who. I think Jamie was quite cute, yes and Sharlene was like touching every guy like they're her bestfriend which in my opinion, should not since she has a steady. But screw that, it's none of my bloody business.

And bloody blogger post interface is screwed up, can't upload images.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Happy belated birthday Miku!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well yesterday was my birthday and you know what happened? Nothing happened! Just like usual, stay at home and be a couch potato. But my father said he'll get me an external portable HD! After that it's time to reformat this lappy of mine into one single O.S, i don't know which one to choose either Windows XP or Vista. I just stayed at home all day and thank god for online scans of manga, i spent the whole day reading them (200+ chapters i believe).

Thank you to those who wished me happy birthday. But most importantly, thank you very much to those who said they will treat me but have no intention to in the first place *sarcasm*.

I didn't sleep last night. I watched movies from Mio box until dawn. My sister was lazy to cook so i had to cook for my whole family. Cooked maggie curry since its the only item available. My sister agreed to washed the dishes. My younger brother is so thick headed. I told him many times to take out the garbage but he insist later. I'm not one to be pushed around by someone younger than me so i turned off the Java application so he can't play Runescape (He knows nothing about computers). I'm not evil, i'm just bad.

Just now was a boring day too. I planned to go out but have no moolah. I tried to withdraw my cheque my it can only be deposit. So in the end i stayed home and read manga again. Oh ya, my desktop is spoiled again. Everytime it's spoiled, they always asked me to fix it even though i'm not the one at fault. Not my problem now. Now they're probably gonna ask me to borrow my lappy but in hell no way it's gonna happen.

Tomorrow got work... siaaaaaaaaaaaaan....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Natsu Matsuri 2009

Went for Natsu Matsuri today. Basically it's traditional Japanese summer festival where you see in those anime or drama. It's held yearly and it's a great anticipation by many people. Also its the cause of overcrowding and not enough food to feed everyone. But first of all, it's the first of fasting. 5 people forgot i was fasting so it really gave them that 'paiseh' face. I didn't even bring my own food and most of the stall were non-halal.

I reached at expo at around 4.30. Before that, i played Pop'n at Iluma. There 1 guy, i don't what was his problem, taking a video or picture of me playing Pop'n. I know i'm pro, but there's no need for picture or video taking. I looked at him, and he STILL recording. If he ever post it on STOMP of anywhere, he's a big idiot.

I changed to my yukata along at expo. I got out of the toilet and saw Eileen and the gang. So i went with them to take the shuttle bus to the school and you know what, you can actually walk to the right of the MRT station and the coach bay is there instead of a 5-minutes walk around the expo.

Reached the expo and say h0rse and gang. Pretty much of them forgot i'm fasting so yeah, funny reaction.

"You wanna taste?"
"I'm fasting"
"OH YA!!!! Sorry sorry sorry"

I mostly walked around and meet different groups of friends. From SPJCC to SP Daiko and SGCafe friends, i have too many acquaintence. I'm not the type to stay 1 group one. I stray a lot. During break fast, i met Zaidi and Zaim! How i missed them. There were looking for stalls to break fast. So i joined them and in the end we had ice-cream since its the only one available. Sat by the pool and TCSS while eating ice-cream. They left after that and i went to watched performance.

Finally came the Bon Odori dance which is my favourite part of the festival. As usual, SGCafe peeps will always do something epic with the dance. They add a new dance called Ponyo. The song was fun to dance and shout too. Since i was the only one to shout "PONYO PONYO SAPPORO PONYO!!", they accused me of saying 'PORN' and tried to sabo me, haha. My favourite dance was the Soran and i bet it was everyone's favourite too.

After the dance, i met with the SGCafe peeps. Then Sheng Yang went to me and said;

"Just now my obi came loose. Then there's this cute Japanese girl tie it for me"

Haha! I was pretty jealous actually. Damn it! Why not me?
We all took the shuttle bus and they planned to eat watermelon as supper. But me and Sheng Yang could not joined them because its too late and need to take taxi if we want to join. Desmond pangseh us! Grrr... Watch out....
Me, Sheng Yang and Pearl went home together where we met Killer and Invinc. We took the train until Dhoby Ghaut where Sheng Yang and me left. We TCSS and i ended going home wearing the yukata which attract obvious attention haha.

Got picture, see in FB.

I saw a girl wearing a yukata today. She's damn cute! Here hare was like very bowl cut and half her eyes was covered by her fringe. Wonder if she's from SGCafe.