Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Yesterday, at around 10am, there was a noise... a noise so unpleasant that it derived me from my beauty afternoon sleep. It took me another 30 minutes to finally doze off when the sound died down in which i went into my room. At 1pm, the freakin noise came back! The noise was so freakin unbearable and all i wanted was to sleep!! I was awake the whole time trying to go back to sleep until 2pm which i gave up. The noise went on until 3pm+ it ended. Like finally...

You know what the noise was? Renovation of the neighbor upstairs directly below my ceiling. Drilling, hammering, etc. it was so freakin annoying. And you know what?.... THIS MORNING IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!

Right at 10am it started again! DAMN IT! Luckily i got school at 12pm or else i would have thrown 10 bomb bags at them at the same time and i don't care who get hurts.


I got a haircut! Hah! Feel so smooth...

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