Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shag it!

Check out my horse!

Again, no link. Well it was World's Day today where all the countries collide in SP. All the countries collide, hmmmm... I like that! I also like sharks with laser beams attached on their head. World's day was interesting. Too bad it was all Asia country (I'm not racist, i'm asian myself). I wish i had prarticipated in the trivia with Daniels. He's pretty good, almost got all the question right. We would have won 125 bucks if won first place, 60 bucks for 2nd place and 30 bucks for 3rd place, so its a win-win situation.

Slack at clubroom until 9pm. Ohh and Austin Powers is so random lah haha! Love the accent!


Today's Hui Xian's birthday! Can't celebrate coz i got Daiko. Oh well, bring her to zoo next time!
Haha! And yes i'm serious.. or maybe not.

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