Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love is Orange

It's dull....

Life, is just pure dull. One thing happened and it affect the future. Things go your way in a very peculiar manner. It's like as if moments and time have a personality of their own and they have their moods. If they're happy, they will grant you your planned out time and if not, they will mess with you.


I realised things don't really changed after 2 years. Looking back at the past, it seemed like 10 years or my previous life. It was like watching a TV replaying a scene from a drama. My life was never exciting or entertaining. There was no danger, no story and no thrill, it's dull and blunt. I would come to last if my life were to compete with all the people in the world. So be it....



Yeah! Great movie collaborating all the turtles cartoons and series! It was so freakin awesome! I wish there were more movies like this.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can't remember

Woah! 14 days already and not a single entry~

Man i missed doing this red font bolded starting statements! Won't blogged about past days coz i can barely remember.


Let's see what i've done;

- Flash and more flash

I borrowed like 2 thick books of flash filled with actionscript. Man AS (actionscript is tough). There are about 5000+ errors and you can get the same kind of error over and over again. If you compare with a broom, the only errors you can get is sweeping the wrong direction and using the back of the broom unless your broom has two heads at both ends. AS can really make you pull your hair out. Errors just keep piling on and its not easy figuring out what you have done wrong.


What it means? I don't know either, but you can borrow a tablet and scanned in A2 and size below paper. It's an awesome room isolated with darkness and perfect for working on your projects. Its not open for everyone though.


Nothing major happened really. I didn't go to some events coz of early wake up hours would really isn't not my pleasure of doing it. So far there's nothing planned for this month (doesn't matter, its going to end anyway). Did i mentioned that there were some events that they didn't inform me about? I forgot what they were though. Must be dreaming.

- Books

The books i rammaged during Project Toshokan had arrived. Not all of them though. I realised some books i picked were M18. They didn't brought in the Monster Hunter CG book i picked. The nerved of those guys! Don't they know MH is the emperor of all hunting games? Hmmph!

- School

Pretty bad actually. I got deadlines coming in and i'm doing nothing. Super!

- Relationship

My friends rocks! Oh you mean as in BGR? Nothing........... yet!

- Hari Raya Haji

Went to celebrate at my aunts house. Nice to see my cousins again and tcss in a room and laughing away with no conscious and regards to those around. My aunt's belly got bigger and bigger. Should be around a month before it's time.

- Games

Finally installed Sims 3 World Advntures! So so fun! Hah! Loving it! But i wished they would include more iventory in Buy Mode. There's not much new items. The mummy gave me a shock though. I was practically telling my Sims to run, afraid she would die from mummy's attack! Haha!


It's almost December which means i'm behind time and progressively getting worse and worse. Somebody slap me and wake me up to do my work please!

Ps. Must be a girl. Guy slap guy is gay.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Lesson #1

Lesson of the day:

Always save your game when you have done something major and one giant leap for you family in Sims 3


Argh! I just collected some rare stones and suddenly my laptop shut down by itself!! That's it! I'm getting Windows 7 installed by December! Bye XP


I haven't touched any Pop'n Music , IIDX and DMGF for this two weeks!! Arhg! I'm gonna lost my skills and gradually degenerate into a plasticine!! Must... at... least... play.... once..... Damn i don't have the time and money o_o

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 days worth

Can you believe it? I'm contemplating a righteous suicide!

Nah of course it's not real! Haven't blogged for 3 days coz:

1) When i got home, i completely flopped
2) Too busy playing the Sims 3
3) Same as number 2

So.... Summary summary summary:


Tuesday 10:

It was SPJCC 3rd anniversary! So an eat-out at Ramen Ten was planned. Turned out was quite large. The train got problem though so 4 people cannot tahan and left on their own. It was just dinner, nothing to be stressed about. The train journey was like surviving a hoard of zombie outbreak.

It's good thing we reserved the place or else have to fight it out with other customers. Had sushi sushi sushi all the way! So cheap! 99 cents only! But its only for white plate which wasn't very good. So we only spammed the good stuff. Hur~

Is it traffic light? Is it a plane? No! It's Roe Rangers!

Unagi fest! Hungry?


Wednesday 11:

Daiko! But ended terribly early so quite boring. Well at least can officially spin the bachi without under the impression of showing off. Just spinning the bachi actually drain your energy! A lot of people have problem spinning with left hand. Same here, except that i frequently used both hands in my daily activites.

Then since we were bored, went out with HL and WJ to Causeway to eat and play arcade! DDRX in Timezone sucks to the max! 2nd player key pad is badly maintaned. Oh and played DJ Max Technika where all of us tried. Keep spamming Oblivion coz its so nice and easy. Can't passed Blythe! Too fast!


Thursday 11:

Normal lesson as usual. Lecturer introduced us to this extreme boardgame called Space Hulk. It's so complex i don't even want to read the whole manual! But it's quite fun though. Have to rack your brain and the whole set cost 180 bucks!


I FOUND HER!!! OMG i can't believe she's got FB! I thought i lost all contact with her then FB came and shine me a small glimmer of contact! Haha! Thanks FB and my random unexplainable phenomena of searching =D

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ah yes! Blogging! Busy busy busy~

Nothing interesting has been happening in my life lately. Friday was Daiko training but somehow i was not very hyper... I don't know, it feels like i'm deprived of my hyper source which is sugar level... Actually, i did lack my sugar level! So it was a boring boring boring day. One thing for sure though, might finished the song next and start learning the second verse which is another song but is considered the second part. It's like meatball and spaggheti.

Anyway. Satuday worked and Sunday worked. It was my beloved manager's last day. Oh my how she cried reminiscing the first 3 months she worked at the outlet because of the unfamiliar faces, freakin huge outlet and a bad mofo restaurant manager. As time pass by, she started to treat everyone like family. I think she mostly miss the previous generation staffs who were freakin insane and hilarious. They make the place like its a circus and don't give a damn to customer's ridiculous spoonfeeding and relentless BS. Yeah, i missed them too.


Come to think of it, the first work i ever joined was my family pasar malam stall. I was just there to help. It didn't last though. Only been up for about half-a-year until Hari Raya.

The seconds job i had was at McDonalds. I was a clueless staff always kena saikang by everyone especially this -insert race here- girl who can speak 4 languages and think she's very wonderous when in fact, she's actually pretty snobbish and sad.

My 3rd job was at a factory, Motorola factory. We made phones! Hundreds of phones! Thousands of phones! Different types of phones! I was stationed to a very old machine, one of the 2nd to 3rd generation model. It had technical problem everytime! So i always have to tell the technician and get extra time off either by goofing around or helping other sections. Just after 2 months, i was already the line leader, the only one who knows how to run the whole operation starting from the mold vacuum machine to the heater. Man i rocks! Even the operation manager said its such a waste that i had to quit.

My 4th job is this current one, working at Seoul Garden (I don't know why F&B always pull me in). I was looking for a job after 3 months of unemployed. Knife said there are opening in the outlet. So i figured why not. After 1 year and 6 months, here i am, still stuck as a trainee which mysteriously doesn't bother me.

Come to think of it, for me to have many job experience, i must be one of a kind! Hah! You people should be lucky to have such rare friend like me!