Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 days worth

Can you believe it? I'm contemplating a righteous suicide!

Nah of course it's not real! Haven't blogged for 3 days coz:

1) When i got home, i completely flopped
2) Too busy playing the Sims 3
3) Same as number 2

So.... Summary summary summary:


Tuesday 10:

It was SPJCC 3rd anniversary! So an eat-out at Ramen Ten was planned. Turned out was quite large. The train got problem though so 4 people cannot tahan and left on their own. It was just dinner, nothing to be stressed about. The train journey was like surviving a hoard of zombie outbreak.

It's good thing we reserved the place or else have to fight it out with other customers. Had sushi sushi sushi all the way! So cheap! 99 cents only! But its only for white plate which wasn't very good. So we only spammed the good stuff. Hur~

Is it traffic light? Is it a plane? No! It's Roe Rangers!

Unagi fest! Hungry?


Wednesday 11:

Daiko! But ended terribly early so quite boring. Well at least can officially spin the bachi without under the impression of showing off. Just spinning the bachi actually drain your energy! A lot of people have problem spinning with left hand. Same here, except that i frequently used both hands in my daily activites.

Then since we were bored, went out with HL and WJ to Causeway to eat and play arcade! DDRX in Timezone sucks to the max! 2nd player key pad is badly maintaned. Oh and played DJ Max Technika where all of us tried. Keep spamming Oblivion coz its so nice and easy. Can't passed Blythe! Too fast!


Thursday 11:

Normal lesson as usual. Lecturer introduced us to this extreme boardgame called Space Hulk. It's so complex i don't even want to read the whole manual! But it's quite fun though. Have to rack your brain and the whole set cost 180 bucks!


I FOUND HER!!! OMG i can't believe she's got FB! I thought i lost all contact with her then FB came and shine me a small glimmer of contact! Haha! Thanks FB and my random unexplainable phenomena of searching =D

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