Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can't remember

Woah! 14 days already and not a single entry~

Man i missed doing this red font bolded starting statements! Won't blogged about past days coz i can barely remember.


Let's see what i've done;

- Flash and more flash

I borrowed like 2 thick books of flash filled with actionscript. Man AS (actionscript is tough). There are about 5000+ errors and you can get the same kind of error over and over again. If you compare with a broom, the only errors you can get is sweeping the wrong direction and using the back of the broom unless your broom has two heads at both ends. AS can really make you pull your hair out. Errors just keep piling on and its not easy figuring out what you have done wrong.


What it means? I don't know either, but you can borrow a tablet and scanned in A2 and size below paper. It's an awesome room isolated with darkness and perfect for working on your projects. Its not open for everyone though.


Nothing major happened really. I didn't go to some events coz of early wake up hours would really isn't not my pleasure of doing it. So far there's nothing planned for this month (doesn't matter, its going to end anyway). Did i mentioned that there were some events that they didn't inform me about? I forgot what they were though. Must be dreaming.

- Books

The books i rammaged during Project Toshokan had arrived. Not all of them though. I realised some books i picked were M18. They didn't brought in the Monster Hunter CG book i picked. The nerved of those guys! Don't they know MH is the emperor of all hunting games? Hmmph!

- School

Pretty bad actually. I got deadlines coming in and i'm doing nothing. Super!

- Relationship

My friends rocks! Oh you mean as in BGR? Nothing........... yet!

- Hari Raya Haji

Went to celebrate at my aunts house. Nice to see my cousins again and tcss in a room and laughing away with no conscious and regards to those around. My aunt's belly got bigger and bigger. Should be around a month before it's time.

- Games

Finally installed Sims 3 World Advntures! So so fun! Hah! Loving it! But i wished they would include more iventory in Buy Mode. There's not much new items. The mummy gave me a shock though. I was practically telling my Sims to run, afraid she would die from mummy's attack! Haha!


It's almost December which means i'm behind time and progressively getting worse and worse. Somebody slap me and wake me up to do my work please!

Ps. Must be a girl. Guy slap guy is gay.

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