Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love is Orange

It's dull....

Life, is just pure dull. One thing happened and it affect the future. Things go your way in a very peculiar manner. It's like as if moments and time have a personality of their own and they have their moods. If they're happy, they will grant you your planned out time and if not, they will mess with you.


I realised things don't really changed after 2 years. Looking back at the past, it seemed like 10 years or my previous life. It was like watching a TV replaying a scene from a drama. My life was never exciting or entertaining. There was no danger, no story and no thrill, it's dull and blunt. I would come to last if my life were to compete with all the people in the world. So be it....



Yeah! Great movie collaborating all the turtles cartoons and series! It was so freakin awesome! I wish there were more movies like this.