Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Updates dude!!

Saturday 24:

It was Gakuensai, in your case; some Japanese theme event at RP. Ok i would like to say, the event was actually fail, even my cousin who was one of the organiser admit. BUT i did have fun there.

In the morning went with JCC members. It soooo good to go somewhere without riding the MRT. We went too early so there's nothing to see. But we did kapo 2 big prizes from the game stand. Went Causeway Point and eat at banquet there. Emmie was so quiet, its almost like she's a calm ocean, just staring at the sky...

I went back after we all parted. See more familiar SGCafe faces there. There were 2 Malay kids who, i don't know, got nothing better to do other than waiting for their sister to finish studying. They wanted to go to the haunted house but was too scared. So i accompany them and suddenly i became like a fatherly figure. My friends said i make a good dad, they said those kids were so happy. Karaoke-ed there for a while before i went back with Teddy, Tohru, Piesces and Khai2 where Piesces left and we gossip about the people in SGCafe. Man i missed talking with Tohru, and Teddy is evil.

The president of JCIG was pretty~


Monday 26:

I started working again. There are new staff there. There was a deaf and his brother and there's 2 new Malay dudes. I still want to smack Sures though. Bitchy guy.

Oh there's company chalet next week must its not free. So screw that! Not going.


Wednesday 28:

It's that book picking day! I skipped GEMS coz:

1) I'm late
2) I don't think i can convince my lecturer to let me go
3) I like books more

So i pick various books ranging from fiction to facts. I picked comics the most, not manga. I don't know why, but i like comics more. Ah!! I wanted to read Sherman's Lagoon new book sooo much! It's gonna take 2-3 weeks to process the whole thing. After that is done, the first thing i'm gonna do is read the 2 new volumes of Sherman's Lagoon. Then i'm gonna move on to Walking of the Dead. It's zombie comic i think, i don't know, i didn't check.

Sure enjoyed myself there although i would like to have that person's company.


Cleared a lot of songs with AA ranking in IIDX! I think i improved a lot. However i'm still far from normal clearing level 10. Level 10 and level 9 has that big difference.I can only A at best for level 10.

Oh finally full combo-ed Continental ex for Pop'n Music ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

All the smallest things

Say it ain't so, i will not go, turn lights off, carry me home!

Nothing related to that actually. Well i finished re-watching Nodame Cantabile specials and i relised, no more Sakura! Why?!! I hope she appear in the movie...

Watched Maison Ikkoku. It's a very interesting drama. It's one shot drama and there's only 2 episodes compromising of 2 hours long each. It was based on the manga and anime. Love the 3 neighbors! They are suck a jerk, especially the mother neighbor, Ichinose Hanae. She reminds me of myself! Haha! Oh and the old man was so cool! His background is just so mysterious. I realised the very adorable Ai Maeda also had a role in that drama!

I heard Gackt came to Singapore yesterday. Heard news that fangirls went ga-ga over him. Although Singapore girls have no chance of seeing Gackt up close, just standing the same floor with him is already like ecstasy. I'm not a fan of Gackt. I am a fan of some artist but not to the extent of going fanboy/girl mode. I'm cool and calm.


Ahhhh!! I can't get full combo on Continential ex! I always get 1 bad everytime and its getting frusfrating. Even playing Ninte hyper wasn't fun D:

Oh right, Sorrows from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY has been included in Beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS! OMG OMG OMG! It looks freaking hard for a level 10! Oh did i mentioned SIRIUS was out already in Japan?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr Loba-loba

GEMS -Giving Everyone More Studies

Gems today! I'm glad there are more girls than guys. Actually its about equal, but definitely more girls than guys. Got some pretty pretty, some sexy, but none to my liking. Oh and a bunch of frisbee club members all joined the same GEMS. My GEMS is intruded by them and most noise also originated from them.

What's so special about my course anyway? It's nothing to be awed or hands up against. It's just a normal old boring course. I think its because the word 'game' is there. That word is so overrated.

Finished watching Nodame Canatabile. Its so so so much more romantic and moving than the anime! Ahhhh!! I want more Saeko goodness! Why can't the director give her more air time?! Its so not fair for her! She deserved more action and romance. I want to see more of her character development. But most all, i can't wait for the movie to come out!

Poster de arimasu~~


Daiko practice was quite boring today. Maybe its because the usual people who i always shoot never came.... Oh ya, first time see Pei Lin's hair tied up. They say she got do before, but no leh! I never see before. Don't force me yo!

Monday, October 19, 2009


"Fluffy-fluffy bed. Fluffy-fluffypillow"

Hah! I got addicted to Nodame Cantabile Live Action. The drama is so so much funnier and nicer than the anime counterpart. I'm 3/4 done downloading all the episodes including the special episodes which they went to Paris. I already watched the special episodes but it couldn't hurt to watch it again.

The performances, even if its a drama -(what's the word?)- me you know. The orchestra, with the colorful and non-mediocore style really inspire me to create a new song for Daiko and how we're gonna present it in a new way which will blow the audience away! Hah! Even my sister got addicted to it after watching just one episode.

Oh and i've fallen for her

She's cute right?! (#w#) Saeko as Saku Sakura
I don't know how to say this but she just gave this kind of very cute charm. The very innocent kind of character with a touch of naiveness and desperation. Oh did i mentioned her voice sounds like an anime character? When she talks, scream and cry, she sounds very... i don't know, some may say irritating but to me its incredibly cute! Hah! I think i'm gonna start watching other drama she is in next just to see her =D

Actually i decided to watch Nodame Cantabile after i was chatting with Wanling about it. Oh and big news this December people;



Monday there was no school! How does Monday blues feels my friends?! Haha!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I fly like paper get high like plane (No link)

Drum of Happinesu~~

Yup! Today Daiko performance at NUS Japanese Cultural Night. Hah! Somehow i wasn't nervous at all. I was more like, "You b****** better don't blink when we play!". Of course that was just an understatement coz i honestly believed it was quite a train-wrecked. However, overall i think we did O.K, not bad for first performance in front of mass audience with guest of honors and Japanese sensei watching.

YL did a mistake. On the second set, she played pattern 1 instead of pattern 3. It got me confusing! I thought i played wrong. Then i looked at Emily and assured i was correct. Heh, i guess everyone do get hibby-jibby on stage and during performance. Rehearsal and actual performance are 2 different entity. You get all kinds of unnecessary emotions and reactions that it makes your body do something different in actual performance. I'm not saying i'm perfect, i did some mistakes as well:

1) I lost my balance
2) Pattern 3 lag, coz i forgot to count
3) My bachi almost slipped from my hand
4) I was hungry

Soran Boshi was absolute fun! Have to learn that dance and put it into annual concert and make everyone shout the chorus. If not then i'll have to shoot them for making me paiseh.

So after that, took pictures with JCC peeps then run to Daiko peeps to take picture also. Man i'm so famous that the Daiko peeps asked me how come everyone knows me =D

Hoh! It's rare that FL went back together with us. I thought she got routine already when going home? It's weird when she's there coz when i see her its like, "Eh? Why are you here?". Man i ate BK again for the second time for the same month. It's supposed to be a monthly treat. I can't get enough of the onion rings!. Mmmmm....


She was looking pretty today. It's rare to see her in a dress. Did not talk to her coz i don't know how to initiate the conversation. Somemore i very paiseh already after performance. Aish....

All line up dudes! I'm in centre again! I rocks! Waiting for Hui Li to upload the epic one =3

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sizzler Partay!! Well not really....

It was more like a random grilling session with a lot of non-halal product. So i didn't get to eat much except for awesome salmon and mushroom. Johnny, the officer for the club came down to serve and introduced his specialty sauce and toast. It was O.K i guess if it weren't for the chaotah and hard part of the bread drowning the taste. I can't it the meat though so they made me a vegetarian one! 8D

I think only half of the people turned up. Which means more food for them (not me, i'm on a halal diet). Everyone was so mean, teasing Jia Ying about her weight and her relationship with a certain animal. Alexia was epic, she talking about boobs in front of us, comparing and commenting on other people's one! Haha!

There was a DMIT camp also at night. They were having last day campfire much like uniform group. It reminds me of my NPCC days during camp. How crazy and tiring it was during the campfire. Missed those days. Come to think of it, my camp in secondary school has always been rough and rugged, nothing that is relaxing! Man i rocks! No wonder i'm tough~

Still hungry...


Man i love this song!
Barking at the Moon - Lewis

Movie screening lataaaar!!

On a random note...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I hate Yoshino D=

Daiko training today

I woke up late, but manage to come to school just in time for badminton! I kicked ass, baby!!

Anyway, like usual, practising DOH kinda gets too boring but since i'm not perfect, playing it again and again trying to be as perfect and loud as possible, just makes it different experience.

Learned new song today, it's called Yoshino (Not to be confused with Yoshinoya). Pattern 1 and 2 was simple as pie, even the i-can't-do-it-unless-i-do-it-100-times-then-i-can-get-it-right can quickly learn it. The most complex one was pattern 3. It's super confusing. I especially hate the leg part. I always get stuck halfway, i almost throwed my machi to the ground. FL and YL kept encouraging me. Awww... so touched! Haha! Come to think of it, i've never encouraged anyone before, all i did was be an asshole. Maybe i should try switching... Hmmmm....

Oh well, have to practice pattern 3 a lot until i get it right and could do it successfully, consecutively 100 times.


Yeah Daiko is fun. I love Daiko and i don't deny it. But i do dislike the outing. Whenever there's Daiko outing, it turned into a Chinese Language Society. I'm sick of not being able to understand so maybe that's why i'm always emo-ing? Harrrumph!

Oh yeah it was pink day too. I brought pink t-shirt but i didn't wear coz my jacket was much more 'hotter' =D