Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well yesterday was my birthday and you know what happened? Nothing happened! Just like usual, stay at home and be a couch potato. But my father said he'll get me an external portable HD! After that it's time to reformat this lappy of mine into one single O.S, i don't know which one to choose either Windows XP or Vista. I just stayed at home all day and thank god for online scans of manga, i spent the whole day reading them (200+ chapters i believe).

Thank you to those who wished me happy birthday. But most importantly, thank you very much to those who said they will treat me but have no intention to in the first place *sarcasm*.

I didn't sleep last night. I watched movies from Mio box until dawn. My sister was lazy to cook so i had to cook for my whole family. Cooked maggie curry since its the only item available. My sister agreed to washed the dishes. My younger brother is so thick headed. I told him many times to take out the garbage but he insist later. I'm not one to be pushed around by someone younger than me so i turned off the Java application so he can't play Runescape (He knows nothing about computers). I'm not evil, i'm just bad.

Just now was a boring day too. I planned to go out but have no moolah. I tried to withdraw my cheque my it can only be deposit. So in the end i stayed home and read manga again. Oh ya, my desktop is spoiled again. Everytime it's spoiled, they always asked me to fix it even though i'm not the one at fault. Not my problem now. Now they're probably gonna ask me to borrow my lappy but in hell no way it's gonna happen.

Tomorrow got work... siaaaaaaaaaaaaan....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Natsu Matsuri 2009

Went for Natsu Matsuri today. Basically it's traditional Japanese summer festival where you see in those anime or drama. It's held yearly and it's a great anticipation by many people. Also its the cause of overcrowding and not enough food to feed everyone. But first of all, it's the first of fasting. 5 people forgot i was fasting so it really gave them that 'paiseh' face. I didn't even bring my own food and most of the stall were non-halal.

I reached at expo at around 4.30. Before that, i played Pop'n at Iluma. There 1 guy, i don't what was his problem, taking a video or picture of me playing Pop'n. I know i'm pro, but there's no need for picture or video taking. I looked at him, and he STILL recording. If he ever post it on STOMP of anywhere, he's a big idiot.

I changed to my yukata along at expo. I got out of the toilet and saw Eileen and the gang. So i went with them to take the shuttle bus to the school and you know what, you can actually walk to the right of the MRT station and the coach bay is there instead of a 5-minutes walk around the expo.

Reached the expo and say h0rse and gang. Pretty much of them forgot i'm fasting so yeah, funny reaction.

"You wanna taste?"
"I'm fasting"
"OH YA!!!! Sorry sorry sorry"

I mostly walked around and meet different groups of friends. From SPJCC to SP Daiko and SGCafe friends, i have too many acquaintence. I'm not the type to stay 1 group one. I stray a lot. During break fast, i met Zaidi and Zaim! How i missed them. There were looking for stalls to break fast. So i joined them and in the end we had ice-cream since its the only one available. Sat by the pool and TCSS while eating ice-cream. They left after that and i went to watched performance.

Finally came the Bon Odori dance which is my favourite part of the festival. As usual, SGCafe peeps will always do something epic with the dance. They add a new dance called Ponyo. The song was fun to dance and shout too. Since i was the only one to shout "PONYO PONYO SAPPORO PONYO!!", they accused me of saying 'PORN' and tried to sabo me, haha. My favourite dance was the Soran and i bet it was everyone's favourite too.

After the dance, i met with the SGCafe peeps. Then Sheng Yang went to me and said;

"Just now my obi came loose. Then there's this cute Japanese girl tie it for me"

Haha! I was pretty jealous actually. Damn it! Why not me?
We all took the shuttle bus and they planned to eat watermelon as supper. But me and Sheng Yang could not joined them because its too late and need to take taxi if we want to join. Desmond pangseh us! Grrr... Watch out....
Me, Sheng Yang and Pearl went home together where we met Killer and Invinc. We took the train until Dhoby Ghaut where Sheng Yang and me left. We TCSS and i ended going home wearing the yukata which attract obvious attention haha.

Got picture, see in FB.

I saw a girl wearing a yukata today. She's damn cute! Here hare was like very bowl cut and half her eyes was covered by her fringe. Wonder if she's from SGCafe.