Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Wow blogger have been screwed up for these past weeks. Layout like what! Buttons like what! I swear its like a run-down HDB flat.

Anyway, i went to celebrate Yen Hsien AKA Dajie's birthday today. Supposed to go for Daiko training but i woke up late so i had to go to her birthfay celebration as a replacement (Doesn't make sense right?) Went to Swensens because there's a promotion for the dessert and ice-cream buffet, 1 for 1, one people pay the other one gets free. So 1 people pay $10 for it.

17 people went. 1/3 was from other class and its the usual party-hardy bunch. They just came back from Korea 2-3 days ago. They couldn't stop speaking in Korean. During the lunch, they kept re-telling the moments in Korea. It was fun to listen and funny too. They even brought their camera with their Korea trip pictures inside.

The dinner buffet was only for sweet-tooth people and i must say, people will get easily spoiled with it. There was pies, waffles and anything that can be related to ice-cream. I can't believe i can only ate 2 plates of pies and ice-cream! My stomach must be shrinking.

Separate ways after the lunch. Some of us went to see games and figurines and Dhoby Ghaut where Dom was waiting. Played IIDX and Drummania. They went to have dinner which i didn't because there was nothing that appeals to me and went home.


I was quite envious that they went to Korea. Must be fun to be able to travel and experience. The only places i have been to furthest from SG is Melaka in Malaysia.

Cleared Tetsukou Shoujou -under the steel- (Another) in normal mod! V(^^)
Still failed 3Y3s though.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I went to watch the movie '9' just now. But before that, i went to school for informal committee meeting. Actually i planned to go to school at around 1PM but i overslept because of lack of sleep from Tuesday's Daiko training. It was torturous not being able to drink water after you run, jump, beat and all kind of shit and you can only watched other people eat. However, during break fast, the first bite was so damn delicious. Even plain water taste like golden water (Or whatever).

So in the end i met Luqman, Sheng Yang and Hui Li at FC5 along with Unker Jit and Alan. They were in trial of making sushi which i heard, failed at the first attempt until Tiffany came along and taught him the expected proper way and end product. Hui Ning, Sarah and Ryan came later just to kope the sushi. Went to clubroom to make Hui Ning and Hui Jin the yo-yo balloon like the one you see at Japanese festival. Hui Ning accidentally let go of the balloon and screwed the whole clubroom with water. It was a nice moment and i smiled for 5 minutes. Left with Ryan, Unker Jit and Sarah to meet the others to watch movie and have dinner at Bugis.

Met them at Bugis. Quite a big group. I was surprised Zhen Ting and Nigel came along since they're not the sort of going with group type. Nigel told me he came along because of Cirno day. There are 2 faces i don't recognised. One is called ermm... I forgot, and the other one is Jamie. People said she's a bitch, but to me she's more like a XMM from what Unker Jit described of what she did. Then i conclude she's a XMM but no, he said she's not a XMM but yet she's a sort of XMM. Yeah i don't get it either. Me, Haizul, Mos and Nigel ordered McDonald and ate at Mos Burger (You heard me right). We TCSS-ing about Hari Raya and stuff. Go Iluma's arcade and played IIDX with Mos. They said i bullied Mos with high level songs.

I thought the movie starts at 9.15PM but it was 9.50PM. I rushed for nothing. Since i got time, i went to smuggle some snacks from Cold Storage. We got in and watched the movie. '9' is quite a nice movie, got action scene a lot but it lacks information and climax. 7 was awesome! She's like the female version of Prince of Persia. In the end, it was a sad but yet happy ending... They could'nt finished their popcorn, what a waste. I myself could finished a whole large bag and someone brought HL milk, big one.

We thought the last train to Jurong East has departed. Luckily it hasn't so Nigel and me managed to ride home.


So yes, i don't freaking care who read this. When i shoot, i shoot. I don't care who or who. I think Jamie was quite cute, yes and Sharlene was like touching every guy like they're her bestfriend which in my opinion, should not since she has a steady. But screw that, it's none of my bloody business.

And bloody blogger post interface is screwed up, can't upload images.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Happy belated birthday Miku!!