Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ah yes! Blogging! Busy busy busy~

Nothing interesting has been happening in my life lately. Friday was Daiko training but somehow i was not very hyper... I don't know, it feels like i'm deprived of my hyper source which is sugar level... Actually, i did lack my sugar level! So it was a boring boring boring day. One thing for sure though, might finished the song next and start learning the second verse which is another song but is considered the second part. It's like meatball and spaggheti.

Anyway. Satuday worked and Sunday worked. It was my beloved manager's last day. Oh my how she cried reminiscing the first 3 months she worked at the outlet because of the unfamiliar faces, freakin huge outlet and a bad mofo restaurant manager. As time pass by, she started to treat everyone like family. I think she mostly miss the previous generation staffs who were freakin insane and hilarious. They make the place like its a circus and don't give a damn to customer's ridiculous spoonfeeding and relentless BS. Yeah, i missed them too.


Come to think of it, the first work i ever joined was my family pasar malam stall. I was just there to help. It didn't last though. Only been up for about half-a-year until Hari Raya.

The seconds job i had was at McDonalds. I was a clueless staff always kena saikang by everyone especially this -insert race here- girl who can speak 4 languages and think she's very wonderous when in fact, she's actually pretty snobbish and sad.

My 3rd job was at a factory, Motorola factory. We made phones! Hundreds of phones! Thousands of phones! Different types of phones! I was stationed to a very old machine, one of the 2nd to 3rd generation model. It had technical problem everytime! So i always have to tell the technician and get extra time off either by goofing around or helping other sections. Just after 2 months, i was already the line leader, the only one who knows how to run the whole operation starting from the mold vacuum machine to the heater. Man i rocks! Even the operation manager said its such a waste that i had to quit.

My 4th job is this current one, working at Seoul Garden (I don't know why F&B always pull me in). I was looking for a job after 3 months of unemployed. Knife said there are opening in the outlet. So i figured why not. After 1 year and 6 months, here i am, still stuck as a trainee which mysteriously doesn't bother me.

Come to think of it, for me to have many job experience, i must be one of a kind! Hah! You people should be lucky to have such rare friend like me!

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