Sunday, November 1, 2009



Been away for so long! I'm sorry i left you blogger! *Hugs* Now then....


Friday 30:

Daiko training! I take back what i said! I love you Yoshino pattern 3! You are so fun but yet complicated, you make me feel like i'm on fire! Yeah! It feels like we both can talk to each other without uttering a word! I played you so much that my legs gave out and it hurts till now! Oh babt baby baby....

Ahem! That aside, yes it was Daiko training. I missed the JCC sub-committee 2nd phase interview cum social-ing session. I turned up the very last minute and lo and behold, it was a big number. I think only 1/4 who turned up was the one i nominated. I'm quite strict. Nope, not gonna tell.

I didn't know YL had a bf. Kinda a surprised coz she's more like the single type and never shown a sign that she's in a relationship. Pro! I came to this conclusion after i saw her with a guy at a bus stop.


Saturday 31:

It was Daiko AGM also known as Annual General Meeting. Basically, its just the year 3 passing down their role to the younger generation and stepping down. So its just a meal first before speech.

Went Swensens first but i did'nt eat anything coz i don't have enough to last the day if i eat. I didn't know they will subsidies 5 bucks! Or else i will surely eat. I was freakin hungry. Oh well, at least get to share ice-cream.

Went to Party World after that, said it was 11 bucks but turned out 20 bucks! My freakin holy poop! Club subsidies 10 bucks so i borrowed 10 bucks from Wei Jie 10 bucks first and then re-compensate the amount in full later. Had fun but only about 1/6 of the total time. Mostly they sing Chinese songs. I was unfimiliar, more like in a foreign environment. Had fun singing song with Wei Jie though.

Why CY never come?!!


Sunday 1 Nov:

Worked! At least get to chat with my spontaneous buddy, Knife. We gossip all kind of shit. Freakin yeah! Suresh didn't work that day! Was so happy until Brenda be all bitchy. Bitch be trippin balls! I swear she's turning into Suresh's wife.


Full combo Adolescene - Pinku ex in Pop'n Music! But e-amuse was off so it didn't saved. Took a picture though. Oh and Lamento - Shizuku ex, only the first 40 seconds was manageble, the rest was a total thunderstorm. Good practice though.

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